GTA 6 leak video confirmed! The famous reporter wrote that those images are real! Here is that video…

in the past months GTA 6 There were many developments on the release date, subject, in-game characters, map size, tenure and graphics.

If today GTA 6The claim that ‘s gameplay test videos were leaked caused great repercussions in the gaming world.

The resulting leaks confirm what we have heard for a long time. Again this Vice cityIncluding the return to . and the details that one of the main characters will be a woman.


While the allegations continue to be talked about, one of the most important names of the gaming press, Jason Schereier He tweeted confirming the leak. rockstarHe stated that he had spoken to his sources in Schereierannounced that the leaked images are real.

Of course, the images are not yet in the game. who said it was not fully completed Schereierthis leak in video game history one of the biggest leaks and Rockstar Games He described it as a complete nightmare.


Looking at the latest leaks, rockstar It is said that his team has been working on this project for about 8 years (since 2014) and has made the biggest transfer of funds ever. Moreover, the amount mentioned here is exactly 600 million dollars.

It is stated that the game will be introduced by the end of this year. GTA 6 The release date will be the last quarter of 2024. Of course, if things speed up, we can see it sooner. But rockstar He says it’s highly unlikely.

As for the details shared about the game, GTA 6predecessor in GTA 5A map 5 times the size of . will be waiting for us. Even all the GTA It is said that it can even exceed the total of the map of the games.

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