Turkish football is confused again! Very hard Tulip Orta description from Galatasaray

Turkish football is confused again! Very hard Tulip Orta description from Galatasaray
Turkish football is confused again! Very hard Tulip Orta description from Galatasaray

It has been claimed that MHK President Lale Orta interfered with the commentators in the Trio program of the broadcaster she used to work for and put the video she took from the VAR room in the match summary. It was claimed that Orta, who was angry that the red card comments were made in the program for Donk’s intervention to Zaniolo in the Galatasaray- Kasımpaşa match, called a channel official and asked for a correction. After what happened, a harsh statement came from Galatasaray Club.

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Central Referee Board (MHK) President Prof. Dr. The allegations about Lale Orta were on the agenda in a short time. Orta denied all the allegations about him.

Lale Orta’s statement:


Orta, who published a written statement, said, “The allegations that the broadcaster commentators were pressured, that they wanted to add a position to the match summary images, that they entered the VAR Center during the matches have nothing to do with reality. “We have communicated with beIN Sports officials about the image and it is aimed to inform the public correctly about the position in question. The image in question belongs to beIN Sports. It is clear that the allegations that the images were leaked are aimed at wearing down the referee community and the broadcaster.” used the phrases.


“The images taken from the matches are used to inform the public correctly. All images are under the authority of MHK to prepare the ‘According to the Rules’ program we have prepared for broadcasting in the broadcaster.” Orta shared the following views:

“During the matches, VAR Center has never been entered and will not be entered. Our aim is to explain the rules to clubs and football fans fully and accurately. Knowing the rules correctly by footballers and football fans will take us away from polemics and increase the quality of the game. “We invite the owners of the false and unfounded allegations that the VAR Center was accessed and images were taken during the attack. I respectfully submit to the information of the public that we will use all our legal rights regarding these unfounded news made with the aim of wearing down our board, the referee community and the broadcaster.”

Here is the description of Galatasaray:

“Due to the developments that have taken place since last week and that we still have difficulty in believing, we expect the following issues to be clarified as soon as possible:

– It has been evaluated that the deliberate action against our player Nicolö Zaniolo in the Kasımpaşa match should be punished with a red card by the referees, as well as by the public after the match. Despite the image that emerged during the week and the ongoing discussions related to this position, we believed that the Central Arbitration Board (MHK) and its chairman would end all speculation by staying calm.

At this point, the statement made by MHK President Lale Orta is a confession that confirms the allegations in the press that he served the broadcaster with ordered images.

With this confession, Lale Orta tacitly admitted that she leaked the footage in the VAR room, and that she was putting pressure on the referee commentators by going beyond the job description of the MHK. It is obvious that she undertook the mission of designing public perceptions by ignoring the principle of impartiality.

We have difficulty in understanding the intention of this move, which is a direct intervention in the scales of justice, which is more serious than all the referee mistakes made so far.

We expect an explanation from Lale Orta about replacing the prepared summary image with the image sent by her.

After the match, we are waiting for an explanation about the allegations that he called other broadcasting organizations other than the broadcaster and made suggestions.”


“We are waiting for an explanation about the allegations that he tried to manipulate the public with statements that there was an operation against him by calling the former referees.

And we ask; In the light of confessions and allegations, how true is it that this person is the chairman of an important committee tasked with ensuring justice?

– Konya, which we played last night sport The intervention against our player Leo Dubois, which was described as an undisputed red card by the referee’s coaches, was incomprehensibly dismissed with a yellow card.

Again, in the later minutes of the match, the same Konyaspor player was not given a second yellow card.

It is necessary to examine in detail by which referee these decisions are made and the speeches made, including the VAR referees, and to clarify whether there is an interference with the VAR.

We expect the Turkish Football Federation to meticulously evaluate these issues and take the necessary steps to ensure justice, which is its most fundamental duty, and carry out investigations.

‘Justice for all, not for one club!’ We would like to inform the entire sports public that we will not be spectators of any game specially set up for our club on this path we set out by saying,”

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