Fans are amazed! Jesus cut his ticket, he’s leaving in January

Fenerbahce’s new coach, Jorge Jesus, has been making big changes in the Yellow-Navy Team since the day he took over the team, with his touches in the game layout and transfers, and continues to surprise everyone with some of the decisions he made.


Portuguese UEFA Europa League Group B, before the match played with Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv team, informed UEFA about the squad of the match, and Nazım Sangare, who was injured, as well as Burak Kapacak, Serdar Dursun, Filip Novak, Mauricio Lemos and Bruma were not included in the 24-person list. had been seen. The two names that surprised everyone on the list were the new transfer Bruma, as well as the striker Serdar Dursun.


Serdar Dursun, who was the fifth striker after King, Pedro, Batshuayi and Valencia, was almost destroyed when he could not see his name in the UEFA list, and it was claimed that he decided to leave Fenerbahce. The name of Serdar Dursun, who wants to wear a regular jersey and is claimed to be making plans to leave the team, is also involved in transfer rumors.

Farewell in JANUARY!


It is known that there are suitors from Germany for Serdar Dursun, who is considered certain to leave the team during the interim transfer period that will start on January 2, 2023 and end on February 8, 2023. Augsburg and Union Berlin are interested in the national striker. However, Schalke 04 has interest.



Serdar Dursun, who was the top scorer in the Bundesliga 2 with the Darmstadt jersey and transferred to Fenerbahçe, scored 17 goals and made 6 assists in 47 matches with the yellow-dark blue jersey.

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