Who are Turkey’s competitors, what is the format of the tournament?

The 2022 Women’s World Volleyball Championship will start today with the matches played by the hosts Poland and the Netherlands. Turkey, in Group B, will play their first game against Thailand on Saturday.

The tournament, which will be played until October 15, will compete with the Dutch cities of Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Rotterdam and Gelderland; The Polish cities of Gdansk, Lódz and Gliwice will host.

Turkey will compete in Group B with Poland, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Thailand and Croatia in the tournament, in which six countries each take part in four groups.

Turkey’s match schedule in the group is as follows:

  • Turkey – Thailand / Saturday, September 24, 14:00 CEST – Arnhem
  • Turkey – South Korea / Tuesday, September 27, 15.00 CEST – Gdansk
  • Turkey – Dominican Republic / Wednesday, September 28, 18.30 CEST – Gdansk
  • Turkey – Croatia / Thursday, September 29, 18.30 CEST – Gdansk
  • Poland – Turkey / Saturday, October 1, 21.30 CEST – Gdansk


Speaking to DHA before the tournament, Turkey Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Giovanni Guidetti said that the team is in good shape and said, “I can say that the group we will play is the strongest. I can say that there is no easy game ahead of us except for one game. As a result, we will play to win every game and we will go match by match.”

Team captain Eda Erdem also stated that they want to go to the next round.

Erdem said, “We want to achieve good things. We know that we are ready and we will go with this awareness. The last tournament we played contributed to self-confidence and we performed well as a team. We believe that we will have a good tournament with the support of our people.”

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group stage

In the group stage of the tournament, in which 24 teams participated, six teams will take place in four groups.

The groups are as follows:

Group A: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Kenya

Group B: Turkey, Poland, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Thailand, Croatia

Group C: USA, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Kazakhstan

Group D: Brazil, China, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Czech Republic

The group matches, which will start on September 23, will end on October 2.

Teams that complete their groups in the top four places will advance to the second round. Groups A and D and groups B and C will be matched between each other.


Second Round

The 16 countries that pass the first round will face each other in 2 groups of 8 (EF Group) in the second round.

These matches will be played between October 4-9.

Teams in Group E will play their matches in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and teams in Group F will play in Lodz, Poland. The teams will not meet the teams they met in the first place again.

Teams that complete their groups in the top four places will advance to the quarter-finals.

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Quarter final

The countries that finished their groups in the first place, with the teams that finished their groups in the fourth place; The teams that finished in the second place will be matched with the teams that finished in the third place in their group in the quarterfinals.

Group E matches of this round will be played in Apeldoorn and Group F matches will be played in Gliwice.

The winning teams will advance to the semi-finals.

Semifinals and Finals

The semi-finals will be played on October 13 and will determine the teams that make it to the final.

The winner of the tournament will be determined by the match to be played in Arnheim, Netherlands on October 15th. The third place match will also be played on the same day.


The names of the Turkish National Team are as follows:

  • Cansu Özbay – Setter
  • Elif Şahin – Setter
  • Ebrar Karakurt – Opposite Setter
  • Meryem Boz – Opposite Setter
  • Hande Baladin – Spiker
  • Saliha Şahin – Spiker
  • Meliha İsmailoğlu – Spiker
  • İlkin Aydın – Spiker
  • Derya Cebecioğlu – Spiker
  • Eda Erdem Dundar – Middle Player
  • Zehra Güneş – Center Player
  • Ayçin Akyol – Middle Player
  • Icon Akoz – Libero
  • Aylin Acar – Libero

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