Kylian Mbappe crisis in France! – Sports News

Kylian Mbappe crisis in France! – Sports News
Kylian Mbappe crisis in France! – Sports News

The dark clouds do not disperse in the French Football Federation… While the repercussions of the investigation launched on the allegations of sexual harassment against the President of the Federation, Noel La Graet, continued, this time the Kylian Mbappe crisis broke out.

The star player, who played in Paris Saint Germain, did not participate in the campaign organized by KFC with the French National Team players due to the dispute over the image rights. While coach Didier Deschamps wanted the crisis in Mbappe’s focus not to be magnified, a very harsh statement came from the KFC company on the subject.

The national team is also in bad shape.

KFC France Vice President Alain Beral told Sport Business Club: “France Football Federation needs money and KFC agrees to pay to have an image of what we pay for. We are committed to building a common image with the Federation, with at least four players at a time. We will stop the payment.” The French Football Federation is also experiencing difficult times due to the failure of the national team in the Nations League. Unable to win the first 4 matches, France is in danger of relegation to the B League.

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