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A National Football Team drew 3-3 with Luxembourg in the 1st Group 5 match of the UEFA Nations C League, guaranteed to complete the group leader before the last matches and promoted to the B League. The goals of the national team were scored by Cengiz Ünder from the penalty in the 16th minute, Chanot in the 39th minute and İsmail Yüksek in the 87th minute. Luxembourg’s goals came from Martins in the 8th minute, Sinani in the 37th minute and Gerson Rodrigues in the 69th minute.


GOALS: 8′ Martins, 16′ Cengiz Ünder (P), 37′ Sinani, 39′ Chanot (KK), 69′ Gerson Rodrigues, 87′ İsmail Yüksek


Turkey: Uğurcan Çakır, Zeki Çelik, Ozan Kabak, Çağlar Soyuncu, Eren Elmalı, Cengiz Ünder, Orkun Kökçü, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Halil Dervişoğlu, Enes Ünal.

Luxembourg: Moris, Jans, Chanot, Martins, Pinto, Borges, S. Thill, Barreiro, V. Thill, Rodrigues, Sinani.


Luxembourg took the lead in the 8th minute. Moving to the ball played by goalkeeper Moris, Martins found a leather ball in front of the penalty area as a result of the disagreement between Eren and Uğurcan. This player’s shot through a six-pass went to the leather net: 0-1.

Turkey won a penalty in the 15th minute. The referee showed the penalty spot after Kerem, who was moving with the ball from outside the penalty area on the left wing, was dropped by Chanot inside the penalty area.

The national team tied in the 16th minute. Cengiz Ünder, who took the ball in the penalty kick, sent the leather ball and the goalkeeper to different corners: 1-1.

Enes, who faced the goalkeeper in the penalty area with Halil’s tangle in the national team attack that developed in the 18th minute, saved the leather ball goalkeeper Moris.

In the attack of Turkey that developed in the 23rd minute, Kerem transferred his pass to Enes in the penalty area. As a result of Enes’ pass with his heel, the ball went out from the side in the place shot of Halil, who met with the leather round.

Luxembourg took the lead in the 37th minute. Facing the goalkeeper in the penalty area with the pass of Borges Sanches, who moved towards the penalty area of ​​the national team with the ball he grabbed from Kaan, Sinani’s place kick went to the leather nets: 1-2.

In the 39th minute, Turkey once again equalized. Cengiz, who met the ball on the right wing with Ferdi’s pass, sent the ball into the net with Chanot’s reverse touch, which he sent into the penalty area with his left foot: 2-2.

The first half of the match ended 2-2.

Irfan Can, who met the ball outside the penalty area with Kerem’s pass in the 51st minute, saved the leather ball goalkeeper Moris.

In the 60th minute, the national team came very close to the goal. Enes’ head shot was saved by the goalkeeper Moris in the middle of Cengiz’s right wing.

Luxembourg took the lead once again in the 69th minute. Bohnert sent the ball from the right wing to the penalty area, and Gerson’s place shot went to the round leather nets: 2-3.

In the 87th minute, İsmail Yüksek’s hard shot from outside the penalty area went into the net: 3-3. The young player scored his first goal in his first match with the national team.

The match ended with a 3-3 tie.

A National Football Team, with this draw, increased its score to 13, guaranteeing the group leadership before the last matches and promoted to the UEFA Nations B League.

Scorecard of the MATCH

STATUS: Basaksehir Fatih Terim
REFEREES: Tobias Steiler, Christian Gittelmann, Eduard Beitinger
TURKEY: Uğurcan Çakır – Zeki Çelik, Kaan Ayhan, Çağlar Soyuncu (Min 46 Tolga Cigerci), Eren Elmalı, Cengiz Ünder (Min 78 Yunus Akgün), Orkun Kökçü (Min 81 İsmail Yüksek), Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Kerem Aktürkoğlu (Min. 73 Serdar Dursun), Halil Dervişoğlu (Min. 46 İrfan Can Kahveci), Enes Ünal
LUXEMBOURG: Moris – Jans, Chanot (Min 46 Gerson), Martins (Min 53 Bohnert), Pinto, Borges Sanches, Sebastien Thill, Barreiro, Vincent Thill (Min 75 Rupil), Gerson Rodrigues (Min 85 Skenderovic), Sinani
GOALS: min. 16 (P) Cengiz Ünder, Min. 39 Chanot (KK), Min. 87 İsmail Yüksek (Turkey) – Min. 8 Martins, Min. 37 Sinani, Min. 69 Gerson Rodrigues (Luxembourg)
YELLOW CARDS: Cengiz Ünder (Turkey) – Martins (Luxembourg)

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