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Nagihan Karadere, who successfully represented our country in athletics many times and managed to make his name known to large audiences with Survivor, produced by Acun Ilıcalı, poured out his heart to Gökhan Çınar in the ‘Katarsis’ program broadcast on Youtube. The 38-year-old athlete, who often comes to the agenda of the magazine with his reproachful statements after the competition, “Will you join Survivor again?” answered the question.


Stating that he tried to adapt to his own life after returning from the Dominican Republic, where the shooting of the competition took place, the former athlete said, “We went through such a difficult process that we forgot our normal life. We had a simple life on the island. Our only task was to race and feed ourselves. When I look at normal life, now I am from home. “I don’t even want to go out. We are really cut off from life,” he said.


I went to Survivor three times, but the last season I went was a complete trauma for me. It was a very tiring season in anticipation and as a result. There we had competition, survival and feeding. Being able to prove ourselves was important. There are two separate Nagihan as it shows my warrior spirit. The Survivor trophy was a trophy that I wanted to lift as a reward for my efforts. I think I put a lot of effort into it, but I couldn’t lift it. I had the same frustration for three seasons. I can say ‘I’m used to it’. I’m back to new normal. I am angry and sorry. We didn’t get what we paid for. It’s not just me, maybe other contestants think so too. I know that I am one of the most deserving.


Karadere, who was applauded for her successful performances, said, “I have always tried to be Nagihan the winner in life. I aimed for this in a fair and ethical way. I always lost my honesty and humanity. I don’t know if I would have been more successful if I had ignored some things, lay on my side or didn’t care. Success for me is until the end. It is to struggle. This is how it should be in both the parkour and human relations. I think I have achieved this a lot. Because of my success and my fear of success, I became a competitor in the target of all my competitors. The successful competitor also competes with me, and the weakest one tries to manipulate me in order to bring me down somehow. working,” he said.

Nagihan Karadere: I will never join Survivor again


Nagihan, who could not reach the championship goal for the third time in Survivor, said, “I have really put up great struggles. I think I have coped with all of them until the end. At least I have given the right to the bottom. As a result, I did not get the right of my effort. I am very offended and will never again be Survivor.” “I will not participate,” he said.

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