Zanetti announced his favorite Turkish football player

Zanetti announced his favorite Turkish football player
Zanetti announced his favorite Turkish football player

Inter Vice President Zanetti, who was in Mersin for the events organized by the Turkish academy of the blue-black teams, one of the world’s leading teams, on 19-20 September, answered the questions of the AA correspondent.

QUESTION: You both participated in the promotion program of Inter Akademi Turkey and met the athletes by accompanying their training. What do you think about the structuring of the academy in Turkey?

Javier Zanetti: I am very pleased to be here, especially the hospitality of this city. For us, it is very important for Inter Academy to operate in this country because we especially want to convey our values ​​and working principles here. I sincerely thank our partners here for making this meeting possible.

QUESTION: What would you say about the future of Turkish football?

Javier Zanetti: I think Turkish football has a bright future. There are great coaches and great players. They always manage to be the mainstay in tournaments in Europe.

QUESTION: Istanbul will host the UEFA Champions League 2022-2023 season finale. How do you evaluate the organization final being held in Istanbul?

Javier Zanetti: Istanbul is a big city. It will host the Champions League final, which will be watched all over the world. I am sure that Turkey is ready to organize this great event.

Can’t forget the Champions League final they won in 2010

QUESTION: Your football career, which started in 1982 with Independiente infrastructure, ended in Inter in 2014, where you were promoted to team captain. What is the most special moment of your career in which you have achieved many successes?

Javier Zanetti: I have great memories in the past, especially with Inter, but definitely (2010) winning the Champions League final in Madrid (Bayern Munich – Inter: 0-2) was unforgettable.

QUESTION: Do you have a memorable goal?

Javier Zanetti: The goal I scored in a league game against Roma and the goal I scored in the UEFA Cup final in Paris against Lazio that brought us the league title.

“Messi is the best football player in the world”

QUESTION: Who do you think is the best football player of all time in the world?

Javier Zanetti: messi. There is no doubt.

QUESTION: You played in Inter with Turkish football players Okan Buruk and Emre Belözoğlu. What do you think about your past teammates Okan and Emre?

Javier Zanetti: Okan and Emre are very good friends. I have very good memories. I wish them very well.

QUESTION: What was the toughest Turkish team you have faced in your career?

Javier Zanetti: I had the opportunity to play against big teams. A match we played against Fenerbahçe was among them and it was very difficult. Same with Galatasaray. Both are difficult teams to meet.

QUESTION: Is there a club you support among Turkish teams?

Javier Zanetti: I like Turkish football in general right now. It’s not just one team.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu, his favorite Turkish football player

QUESTION: Who is your favorite Turkish football player?

Javier Zanetti: Hakan Calhanoglu.

QUESTION: Thank you. Is there anything you want to add?

Javier Zanetti: We are very pleased that it will be the first Inter club in Turkey. It also shows how many fans we have in this country. The greatest Inter of all time.

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