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The change of 34-year-old Josip Ilicic, the star striker of Italy Seria A, in the last 2 years has been on the agenda. In Gewiss Stadium, where Ilicic, who was allegedly cheated on by his wife and depressed, came to say goodbye, he upset his fans with his final form.

Josip Ilicic transferred from Fiorentina to Atalanta in 2017 for a transfer fee of 6.4 million Euros. On 31 August, Ilicic parted ways with the Italian team. Galatasaray also stepped in for Ilicic, whose contract was terminated by mutual agreement.

Josip Ilicic terminated his contract with Italian team Atalanta in the past few weeks. The famous football player was out of the squad for a while due to his depression. It was claimed that Josip Ilicic’s psychology deteriorated as a result of his wife’s cheating on him. However, Ilicic denied these allegations.

When Ilicic went to his native Slovenia to surprise his wife, he allegedly caught her with someone else. It was underlined that after this incident experienced by the Slovenian footballer, he went into a depression that went until his retirement at the age of 32. Josip Ilicic responded to these allegations by sharing a photo with his wife.

Depressed Josip Ilicic's final state upset Alleged treason

After this incident, the Slovenian football player, who moved away from football, who did not remain in his old fit in 2 years and who was observed to have gained a lot of weight, did not miss the attention that his hair turned white.

IT EXPLOSED IN 2019-2020
During his career, Ilicic played 494 games and made 140 goals and 86 assists. The Slovenian striker, who exploded especially in the 2019-2020 season, produced 21 goals and 9 assists in 34 matches with Atalanta. The next season, the star played 38 games and produced 7 goals and 11 assists. In the 2020-2021 season, Ilicic, who experienced a great decline, produced 4 goals and 5 assists in 24 games.

Depressed Josip Ilicic's final state upset Alleged treason

Ilicic said goodbye to the fans of the Italian team in the match where Atalanta hosted Torino.

Slovenian national football player Josip Ilicic was born on 29 January 1988. He started his professional career at Bonfika club in 2007. He then played for Interblock, Maribor, Palermo, Fiorentina and Atalanta clubs respectively. Josip and his wife Tina Polovina met 11 years ago. The couple, whose relationship began in 2009, met at the facility where they trained. Tina Polovina, who has a sports background like Josip Ilicic, is an athlete. The couple has two children named Sofia-Victoria. After the depression in his private life, Josip Ilicic was diagnosed with severe depression.

Depressed Josip Ilicic's final state upset Alleged treason

Depressed Josip Ilicic's final state upset Alleged treason

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