Petshops are connected to the Butchers’ Room

In addition, Deputy Chairman of the Antalya Chamber of Butchers, “In the new system, pet shops were connected to the Butchers’ Room. Those who will open a new business will now apply to us. The old ones will continue in the same way. We are responsible for them. Since our field is animalistic, they were merged from it, since they belonged to the animal part. It’s also good to tidy up petshops. Everyone should do their job” he said.

Expressing that not every pet shop will have the power to open a care and animal breeding center, Assistant, “Not everyone can do this. It is very difficult to establish this system. When career decisions are made, opinions should be exchanged from the rooms. There are hundreds of pet shops, will we close them?” used his statements.

Petshops are connected to the Butchers’ Room – Video

Petshops are audited

Underlining that it is healthier and safer to sell dogs and cats at Petsholar, “Already, the sale of animals on the internet could not be prevented. In this case, under the stairs sales will increase even more. Pet shops are inspected. How will animal sales on the Internet be controlled? said.

“Do not increase sales under the stairs”

Expressing that small shopkeepers can only make money from feed, fish and birds, he said.“After the cats and dogs, which are the animals that our people show the most interest in, are not sold in petshops, sales under the stairs will increase. Bird food is even sold in markets. Then standardize this situation. Our small businesses are under constant supervision and have their own veterinarians. Petshops are the healthiest and safest place to sell your cat and dog. he said.

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“Sales from petshop are healthier”

Underlining that petshop tradesmen should not be destroyed, Osman Yardimci said, “Instead of online sales, sales from our shops are healthier. Nobody knows where the animals sold on the internet come from. There should be a professional ethic and everyone should do business in the field they are interested in. Not everyone will sell a bait. There are complaints from all provinces. They say that with the sale of birds and fish, businesses will hardly survive. We will take the matter to the relevant ministry.” said.

The assistant demanded that the prohibition of selling animals in petshops with the Animal Protection Law should be postponed for a while and reconsidered.

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“The places under the stairs are not inspected”

According to the news of İHA, Petshop operator Orhan Taş, “We stopped selling a while ago. But it will negatively affect our friends. Our sales were guaranteed. Our workplaces are always under control. Our sales are safe. Under the stairs are not inspected” made the statement.

Petshops connected to Butchers Room #5

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