Honor boss criticizes Apple | HardwareNews

Honor boss criticizes Apple | HardwareNews
Honor boss criticizes Apple | HardwareNews
Apple’s iPhone 15 After introducing the series, sarcastic statements continue to come from its competitors in the market, one after another. Honor brand also joined the trend of criticizing or making fun of Apple.

Salvos from Honor to Apple

Designed as a bag accessory Honor V Purse Honor brand, which is preparing for the launch of its foldable smartphone, was not satisfied with Apple’s event. Honor boss George Zhao did not refrain from criticizing the iPhone 15 series.

Zhao states that before the launch, people learned almost everything and knew what to expect, but were a little disappointed because there were no surprises. Zhao states that the iPhone 15 series does not offer much in terms of innovation, and that USB Type-C and periscope lenses do not impress an Android manufacturer.

It is emphasized that Apple’s biggest deficiency is that it has not yet stepped into the foldable phone trend. Apple is cautiously approaching the flexible screen trend, which started with curved screens and has lasted almost 10 years, and a foldable iPhone is expected in 2026 at the earliest. This ensures that an important segment remains under Android dominance.

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