The exploding cyanide pipe of the gold mine in Ilic, Erzincan, flowed into the Euphrates River

The pipe carrying the cyanide used in the Anagold gold mine, a partnership of Canada and Çalık Holding, exploded in Ilic, Erzincan. 20 tons of cyanide water mixed with the İliç Dam built on the Euphrates River.

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Speaking to Ferit Demir from HalkTv, gold mine officials confirmed that the pipe carrying cyanide and sulfuric acid had exploded.

The evaporation of the poisonous waters of the Anagold gold mining company, a partnership of Canada and Çalık Holding, which has been operating in Erzincan İliç for 12 years, is dragging the region into an environmental disaster step by step.

Anagold wants to evaporate 66 million tons of cyanide and sulfuric acid waters. So that the poisonous waters accumulating in the poison dam, which is the size of 197 football fields, do not overflow, ‘evaporator’ Steam is released into the atmosphere by an instrument called a evaporator.

The İliç Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the incident. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization officials, who came to the region after the explosion, and expert teams from Trabzon took samples from the region, but did not talk about the results.

Burhanettin Şahin, Anagold Mining Turkey Responsible Manager, in partnership with Canada and Çalık Holding, “The news that has come out is completely asparagas. We will use our full legal rights regarding the people who spread this news. Completely false and false information. Exploding pipe and the subject is being investigated, I can’t give any information” said.

Attorney General’s Office ‘discharge of waste or residues to soil, water or air in a way that harms the environment’ regulated in Article 182, which includes the provision of ‘contamination of the environment by negligence’ opened an investigation.

Gendarmerie teams, within the framework of the investigation, examined whether there was any environmental pollution in the region where the enterprise is located.

‘This mine should be shut down immediately

Sedat Algerialioğlu, who struggled to close the mine and lived in the area where the mine is located, claimed that tons of cyanide flowed from the exploded pipe to the empty land, then to a stream and finally to the İliç Dam over the Euphrates River: “At the moment I don’t know the extent of the damage. I’m talking hundreds of liters of cyanide here. I filed a criminal complaint. The prosecutor’s office seized it, the prosecutor’s office officials and the gendarmerie teams conducted an investigation in the mine yesterday. The expected disaster took place in Turkey’s Chernobyl. Currently the Euphrates River is flowing cyanide. This river feeds the Keban dam, the Atatürk dam and the Karakaya dam. This mine should be closed immediately.”

It went to the minutes

The environmental disaster is clearly stated in the report of Halk TV.

The pipe burst and flowed into the area, “Approximately 20 cubic meters of cyanide solution flows into the eastern access road of Ilic field lift27, lift26, lift25 depending on the slope…” included in his statements.

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