Violence in Denizli! Ummuhan Zerrin was stabbed to death by her husband

The incident occurred in an apartment in Akkonak District of Merkezefendi district.

According to the information obtained; An argument broke out between SU ​​and his wife Ummuhan Zerrin Uygun (38), who went to their house on Lozan Street, for an unknown reason. After the argument, the distraught husband SU tried to strangle his wife with a scarf.

Unsuccessful in this, the murderous husband cut his wife’s throat with a knife. The medical teams, who went to the region upon the notice, determined that Uygun was dead. Security forces hastily detained the murderous husband.

While the crime scene investigation teams carried out detailed work at home, family relatives burst into tears outside. After the studies, the dead body was taken to the forensic medicine morgue for autopsy.

On the other hand; The couple, who has been married for about 20 years, is a man named AU at the age of 16 and İ.U at the age of 21. It was learned that the woman who lost her life worked in textile and there were frequent arguments with her unemployed husband. A large-scale investigation was launched into the incident.

Violence in Denizli! Ummuhan Zerrin was stabbed to death by her husband | Video

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