Photos that caused the mob leader’s villa to be dug up

The murder of Jovan Vukotic on September 8, 2022 in Istanbul created a great impact all over the world. Ten days after the murder, the police reported that the director of the Kavac gang, Milan Vujotic, and his men Radoje Zivkovic, Milat Vujotic and Zdravko Perunovic were caught in Polonezköy.

When the phone and flash memory of Zivkovic, who organized the Vukotic murder, were shared with Serbia, they reached information and photographs of Risto Mijanovic, the man of Skaljari who disappeared two years ago, and from there to Boris Dimitrov, who lives at Forest Island Villas 167 in Zekeriyaköy .

According to the news of Cengiz Erdinç from Short Wave; Dimitrov was none other than Zeliko Bojanic, who has not been seen since 2015. The police came to the door of the villa on November 4, 20200. This is how the corpse excavation, announced to the public by journalist Fatih Altaylı, started in Sarıyer. The details of the excavation of the villa were included in the indictment of the investigation into the murder of Jovan Vukotic.


Skaljari’s man, Risto Mijanovic, arrived in Turkey on September 3, 2020, left his flat in Anthill Residence in Şişli on November 9, 2020 and disappeared. His lawyer contacted the police and said that he had not heard from his client and said that he was worried that something might have happened to him.

*LAUNDRY ROOM: There were changes when the laundry room in the photograph in which Risto Mijanovic was questioned in Villa 167 was viewed from the same angle after the operation. To cover up the murder, Bojanovic had mirrored the wall, replaced the tiles, but skipped details like the washing machine and the cabinet sill.

The Serbian police knew much more with the messages in the ECC Sky software that Europe deciphered in 2021. In the information note he sent to Turkey, Mijanovic was trapped and kidnapped in the Brio restaurant in Uskumruköy on November 9, 2020, he was killed on November 10, 2020 after being tortured, his body was found in a Fiat Doblo. He said he had moved with her and was buried behind Bojanic’s villa near the restaurant. They also sent photos of Mijanovic being tortured, the same photos were also in Zivkovic’s flash drive, who was captured in Polonezköy.

*EXCAVED GARDEN: In the first photo of the garden where Risto Mijanovic is thought to be buried, the corner lighting lamps marked with blue were removed and replaced, the purple lilac trees were removed, but the red pine trees and the black poolside ceramics are still there.


Bojanic called a cleaning company on November 15, 2020, immediately after Mijanic’s disappearance, had the house thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed insistently. The Kavac clan, who learned that the photos of Mijanovic were in the hands of the police, flew the news to Istanbul and Bojaniç started a strict cleaning and renovation work in his villa in August 2021, had the sauna and laundry at home destroyed and rebuilt, brought a small machine to build a pool and dug the garden of the villa. .

Despite this, the police dug up the villa’s garden once more to find any traces, and took samples from different places, but Mijanovic’s body had already been taken to another location. The excavations did not come to a conclusion.

He was killed in Istanbul: Photos that caused the mafia leader's villa to be excavated - Picture : 3


According to the records, Zelico Bojanic entered Turkey from Antalya on July 2, 2015 and there was no record of exit. However, the records again showed that Bojanic tried to enter Turkey with a Montenegrin passport from Kapıkule on April 9, 2018, but was turned away because he was stuck with the G-87 restriction code applied by the Ministry of Interior for foreigners who are inconvenient in terms of security or related to terrorism. Bojaniç Jordan came to Turkey from Kırklareli Derekoy gate on 26 December 2019 with a Macedonian passport issued in the name of Angelov Belchev and has not left again.

All bills in Bojanic’s villa were in the name of Hakan Kaptan, the operator of the Brio Restaurant, where Mijanovic disappeared. Again, he was using the phone line and Porsce Macan he bought on his behalf. He had also visited the restaurant’s Doblo and Villa on the day Mijanovic was abducted.

He was killed in Istanbul: Photos that caused the mafia leader's villa to be excavated - Picture : 4

*SAUNA PHOTO: The blue and white mosaics in Mijanovic’s photo taken in the sauna are clearly visible in the renovation images from Bojanic’s phone. Bojanic had the sauna demolished and rebuilt.


During his interrogation, Bojanic said almost nothing to the police, denying everything that came to light. He said that he lived off the Duomo Hotel and properties he owned in Montenegro with 10-15 thousand Euros, and that his sister sent the money by hand. In the meantime, he was making money by selling furniture to Serbia. He had been living in Turkey for 7.5 years. He was caught drinking and driving in Istanbul 2.5 years ago, and was released with his passport, which he used under the name Jordan Angelov Belchev.

When the police reminded him that he had entered Turkey with a Macedonian passport, he said, “I don’t want to answer this question because I don’t want to involve other people in this incident.” He said he knew the captured Kavac members from the newspapers. He had also read about Risto Mijanovic, who had photos of him being tortured in his home, in the newspapers.

Bojanic was one of the most important men of Dorko Saric, known as the cocaine king of the Balkans. His partner Dragan Dudic was killed right next to him, and Saric surrendered in 2014. The murder of Goran Radoman on February 20, 2015, who stole 530 kilos of cocaine stored in four different apartments in Valencia, tricked Kavacs and gave the cocaine to Skaljari, started a great war that caused more than 50 murders in Europe. Bojaniç, who was accused of laundering 21 million dollars, left Montenegro and settled in Istanbul, continuing his relations with the Kavac clan with names such as Hakan Kaptan, Ayşe Sipahi and Asiye Yüksel.

The main blow to the Balkan clans in Serbia and Montenegro was Europol’s infiltration of the Sky ECC communication platform. The mafioso relied so much on this program that they exchanged photos of the victims and talked about all the details of murder and smuggling. Sky ECC also deciphered the extensions of the mafia in the police. Dalibor Medojevic, head of the department for economic crimes in Montenegro, was informing the Skaljaris over Sky, while another policeman, Darko Lalovic, was feeding the rival Kavacs over Sky.

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