The eventful image of Hadise and Murda


The singer Hadise, who did not fall on the agenda with her songs and private life, sat on the wedding table with Mehmet Dinçerler in April last year, but they divorced in a single session 4 months later. The detail in the pose of Hadise, who made the engagement and wedding ceremony silently, with the rapper Murda, with whom she had a duet, did not escape the eyes of her social media followers.


Hadise, who shared her engagement photos with Mehmet Dinçerler in a concert before the wedding, gave the same image months later, this time with rapper Murda. Hadise, who was in front of the camera for the clip of the song “Sen Dönene Kadar” with Murda, did not neglect to share the poses they gave on her Instagram account, which has 14.4 million followers.


He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He continued his life in Madrid, Spain for a period. Then he returned to the Netherlands and became interested in music, and released his first EP in 2008. Murda; He has worked with many famous names and Dutch hip hop artists, including Bizzey, Kraantje Pappie and Ronnie Flex. Ezhel and I met through YouTube and Doğan decided to continue his career in Turkey after that. His song “Aya” received 140 million views on the video sharing site YouTube. Then, Ezhel and Murda released another song called “Come in My Next Life” in January, and then released another song called “Made In Turkey”.

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