The sounds they made during intercourse echoed throughout the neighborhood! His neighbor recorded it and posted it on social media


A person who shared with the username ‘Thegirlwiththenoseandeyes’ was disturbed by the sounds his neighbors made during sex and shared these moments on social media. The sharing of the user, who pulled his neighbors from his house on the other side of the street, received more than 10 thousand likes. TikTok user, who shared as ‘Thegirlwiththenoseandeyes’ in the app, did his best not to laugh while recording the footage he wrote “Netflix & Chill”.


After the 44-second video became popular on social media in a short time, users flocked to the comment section. One of the social media users commented on the post, “I would really cry if I heard this from the window.” Another user added, “Probably the whole neighborhood heard it.”

Expressing that she was waiting for her neighbors to end the sexual intercourse in order to applaud, the user did not neglect to applaud them by opening her own window and shouting “woooh” towards her neighbors house.

The article is in Turkish

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