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The Simpsons predicts that in the fall of 2023, a war between Kosovo and Serbia will break out and a movie about Oppenheimer will be released.

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The Simpsons It was on the agenda with an episode dated 2005. In this episode of the animated series, the possible Kosovo-Serbia war that will take place in the autumn of 2023 and Oppenheimer It includes that a movie about it will be screened.

Longest running animated series in television history The Simpsons He started his journey in 1989. From then until now More than 700 episodes published. Many accurate predictions that have come true so far have been included in the production. Donald Trump‘s becoming the US president, the pandemic, the merger of Disney and Fox, Michelangelo‘s reaction to the statue of David and finally the disappearing submarine; just some of the cartoon’s predictions.

The Simpsons Prophecy

Now, a new social media The Simpsons going viral. The series aired in 2005 Home Away from Homer (Season 16 – Episode 20) allegedly aired in the fall of 2023. There will be a war between Kosovo and Serbia. predicts.

However, the same section is about the Oppenheimer dated 2023 at the entrance of the theater of the Simpson Family going to the cinema. Oppenheimer’s Elevator (Oppenheimer’s Elevator) movie poster.

The Simpsons Kosovo War - Oppenheimer Prediction

The sharing that draws attention to the relevant section is as follows:

The Simpsons predict a new war between Kosovo and Serbia

(You can click here to watch the episode on YouTube.)

After the Kosovo War, which took place between 1998 and 1999, there has been a long-standing concern that the war may flare up again in the region. Therefore, making such a prediction does not sound very striking. However, in the same year Oppenheimer’s Elevator The movie is interpreted as a successful prediction considering Christopher Nolan’s new movie.

The Simpsons “Prophecies” Are Often The Subject Of Controversy

On the other hand, the names who served as screenwriters in the series, The SimpsonsHe attributes his successful predictions to a very natural cause. Al Jeanin a statement he made in the past, “If you guess enough, 10 percent will be correct,” he used the expressions.

The Simpsons Kosovo War Prediction

From the writers of the series Stephanie Gillis “In a way, we’re futurologists writing 10 months ago, so we’re trying to predict what’s going to happen next,” he said.

More than 700 chapters and 34 years that have passed support these statements. Again The SimpsonsEvery detail successfully predicted by .

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