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Former adult movie star Riley Reid created the agenda on social media with her sitting! The pose that he opened his legs to both sides became an event

Announcing his retirement from the adult film industry, Riley Reid turned to social media phenomenon. The phenomenon, which has 1.9 million followers on social media, often shared squares from his private life. Reid, who combined his life with Pasha Petkuns and gave birth to a child from this marriage, finally managed to get full marks from his followers by publishing a brave pose from his Instagram account.


Reid, who preferred a white sweatpants and a black hat over his black underwear set, posed leaning against the wall in his Instagram post. The phenomenon, which brought the sweatpants down from the hips, created the agenda with the pose that the name gave by opening its legs to both sides. Reid’s post divided social media users into two. While some users likened their post to a toilet pose, while others took a shower of likes.


It was an event with a deep chest décolleté! Almost to the navel…
Event bedroom confession! “All men do it wrong”Event bedroom confession! “All men do it wrong”
She made cakes from her husband's sperm and fed them to her students.She made cakes from her husband’s sperm and fed them to her students.

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