The file of municipal officials was separated from the Isias Hotel file

The file of municipal officials was separated from the Isias Hotel file
The file of municipal officials was separated from the Isias Hotel file

Adıyaman Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office separated the file about municipal officials who issued building permits from the Isias Hotel file, where 72 people lost their lives.
In the İsias Hotel, which was destroyed in the February 6 earthquakes, 72 people, including 38 students, teachers, coaches and tour guides from TRNC, 71 customers and 1 hotel staff, lost their lives and 8 people were injured.
In the investigation carried out by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was decided to open an investigation on the grounds that the municipal officials were also at fault regarding the Isias Hotel, which was converted from a residence to a hotel. Permission to investigate public officials will be requested from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
In the indictment, “Based on unsigned and incomplete projects for the building without a ground report, static project and static calculation report, the building licenses were issued and the building was not completed in accordance with the building’s license and annexes, science and health rules, the Turkish Standards Institute did not provide project controls to ensure that it did not use materials in accordance with the standards.” The investigation procedure to be carried out by the municipality regarding its duties is different, in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 4483 on the Trial of Civil Servants and Other Public Officials, an investigation permission must be obtained from the General Directorate of Local Administrations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the documents about the responsible persons who have an official capacity at the time of these prestigious transactions are separated and investigated through a separate file. to continue”.
The residential building permit was issued by Adıyaman Municipality on 05.01.1993, and in the architectural project, it was prepared as 13 floors, including basement, ground + mezzanine, 11 floors, but it was built as 9 floors, including 7 floors, basement, ground + mezzanine. Rough construction was completed in 1995. It remained like this until 2001. The owner of the building applied for a hotel renovation in 2001, and a license for hotel purposes was granted in the same year. An architectural project was prepared in accordance with the existing building.
The indictment prepared by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office was submitted to Adıyaman 3rd High Criminal Court. Within the scope of the file, a total of 11 people, 5 of whom are detained, are requested to be sentenced to up to 22 years and 5 months, deviating from the lower limit, in accordance with Articles 85/2 and 22/3 of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237, for the crime of “causing death and injury to more than one person with conscious intent”.

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