Candidates started to emerge in MHP Antalya


Hasan Can Caran from Korkuteli, where MHP’s Ömer İşlek is the mayor, went to the headquarters today and applied as a candidate. Caran also met with MPs and MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli.

Hasan Can Caran, who is the President of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Guarantee Cooperative in Korkuteli, where the current President Ömer İşlek has not yet applied for candidacy, started the election after his application.


Hasan Can Caran announced his candidacy with a post on his social media account.

Caran’s statement is as follows:

My KORKUTELI, where I was born, grew up, and sacrificed every inch of its air, water, soil, stone; smiling, sincere, good-hearted people. My dear citizens, the beautiful people of my beautiful district, of whom I am the grandson of some, the child of some, the brother of some, and the elder brother of some. As a brother who has adopted the motto of Service to the People, Service to God, and as a brother who has adopted consultation as his path by touching the hearts of our citizens in the District he lives with; As of today, I have submitted my candidacy application to the Nationalist Movement Party Headquarters for Korkuteli Mayor Candidacy in the local government elections of 31 March 2024.

I have full faith that we will provide useful services to our District, first with the trace of God and then with the support of you, my dear fellow citizens, that we will synthesize the common universal values ​​of the past and present and blend them, making it a people-oriented district that everyone envies in terms of urbanization, and that we will build a KORKUTELI managed with a common mind based on consultation.

With these feelings and thoughts;

I respectfully and respectfully submit my candidacy for Korkuteli Mayor from the Nationalist Movement Party in the 31 March 2024 Local Government Elections to the public’s discretion.

I hope God does not embarrass me.”


In the 2019 election in Korkuteli, where the Nation Alliance partner CHP and the People’s Alliance partner AK Party did not nominate candidates, MHP received 35.94 percent of the votes, İyi Party 32.96 percent, and Felicity Party 29.79 percent.

Meanwhile, it was learned that former MHP Provincial Chairman Mustafa Aksoy applied for candidacy from Gazipaşa, and Manavgat Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association President Mücahit Tatar will be a candidate from Manavgat.

It is considered certain that MHP will nominate candidates from Antalya’s Aksu, Demre, Alanya, Korkuteli, Kumluca and Gazipaşa districts.


Meanwhile, it was learned that President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli plan to meet next Wednesday to consult on local elections.

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