Weather conditions also hit anchovy! Anchovies became more expensive in Sinop


The bad weather conditions that have been going on for 2 days in Sinop have negatively affected the fishing. Fishermen have not been able to go to sea for 2 days. The price per kilo of anchovy increased from 35 lira to 60 lira.

The storm that broke out in Sinop the day before caused fishing ships to be unable to go to sea. Ships stuck in the port could not go fishing. The lack of fishing caused prices to rise again. The price of anchovy, which was sold for 35 lira per kilo recently, has increased up to 60 lira. The increase in anchovy prices also negatively affected fish sales. The density at the fish stalls disappeared.

Fish seller İsmail Değer pointed out that his stalls were empty and said, “There has been bad weather for 2 days. The stalls are empty. All boats are waiting at Sinop port. They couldn’t go to sea for 2 days. We also sell fish from outside. “We expect the weather to improve and the boats to go out to sea and fish,” he said.

Among the other fish on the stalls, whiting was offered for sale for 80 TL, torika for 559 TL, and sea bream for 170 TL.

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