Ankara International Theater Festival is 26 Years Old

Ankara International Theater Festival is 26 Years Old
Ankara International Theater Festival is 26 Years Old

Ankara International Theater Festival is 26 years old this year. The festival, which has come to this day with the quarter-century effort of the Foundation for Social Research, Culture and Art/TAKSAV, hosts communities from various parts of the country in Ankara, giving artists the opportunity to test their productions against new audience groups and presenting a slice of the theater produced at the country level to the audience in the capital. In addition, it enables foreign productions, especially from neighboring countries, to come to our country. Every year, an honorary award and a labor award are given at the festival.

Art for a Livable WorldThis year’s festival, which takes place between 17 November and 27 November, with the slogan “”, takes place on eleven different stages with more than twenty plays. The stages of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality are once again the most important support of the festival. Ticket prices are at a level that will not burden the average audience. Seven shows are planned to be presented free of charge this year. Municipal theatres, university theatres, private theatres, amateur theaters participate in the festival. Care is also taken to appeal to child audiences.


This year, two artists from Ankara were selected for the awards. To the honorary award Orhan Aydin value found. The artist, who started theater at Yeni Mahalle Community Center, continued his professional theater career as an actor and director in many private theaters in the capital and Istanbul. Aydın, who has been a radio broadcaster for a long time and has also acted in movies and TV series, is an artist who fights for the independence of theater from political power.

Recipient of labor award Mehmet Ulusoy is a graduate of DTCF Theater Department, acting department. The artist, who shines especially with his roles in many productions of Ankara Art Theatre, also contributes greatly to the productions of Ankara Theater Factory. Ulusoy is a sought-after actor of AST and other private theaters of the capital. He also acts and directs TV series.

The opening of this year’s festival was performed by Boğaziçi Players Folklore Group “After the NightHe shined with the music and dance show called “. On November 18, METU Players’ “Roots Going to the SkyHis production titled ” was presented. show British writer George Bernard Shaw‘Fame “with Androcles LionIt was adapted from his famous play. On November 19 Batuhan YalçınWritten and directed by “Sabit Efendi or the Unknown History of Toilet PaperThe Theater Serious Bazlar production titled “” was on the agenda. It was pleasing to see that the texts of new playwrights were staged at the festival, which was mostly attended by Ankara communities.


Among the productions participating in the festival, there are two Shakespeare There is a game. Çankaya Sahne staged “Othello” with a young team on November 19. On November 27, the Backstage Theater production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will take place. Among the highly anticipated plays are Ankara Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre’s “I Close My Eyes and Do My Duty” (23 November), Ali Haydar Aliyev Tbilisi State Azerbaijan Drama Theatre’s “Morphine” (25 November), Boğaziçi University Actors’ “Gypsy’s Song” (25 November). 26 November), Istanbul Yolcu Theatre’s popular production “Gomidas” (27 November).

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We are experiencing the pain of untimely loss of a person of culture and art who observed the world and society with a laugh but with a sharp eye of criticism. Metin Uca He was a very talented television personality, an energetic journalist, a brilliant entertainer and a linguist who spoke Turkish well. In the 1990s, at the beginning of his career, he did his best to become a first-hand observer of major cultural events at the country level in order to strengthen his personal equipment. He combined his subtle intelligence with his creativity. He was a person who educated himself by working hard.

Who knew that he would become a star that slipped away too soon…

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