Cancer patients from Gaza whose hospitals were bombed were brought to Ankara

Cancer patients from Gaza whose hospitals were bombed were brought to Ankara
Cancer patients from Gaza whose hospitals were bombed were brought to Ankara

This is the 45th day of oppression during which Israel rained bombs on Gaza.

More than 13 thousand civilians lost their lives in this brutality that took place before the eyes of the world.

Hospitals were also targeted in the indiscriminate bombardment.

Israel, which rains death and bombs treatment centers, has added a new crime to humanity.

Turkey is mobilizing all its resources to ensure a ceasefire in Gaza, where the health infrastructure has completely collapsed.

In addition, work has been started to evacuate the injured and patients in the region.

Within the scope of the studies initiated under the leadership of Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, two planes carrying the first part of the patients passing from the Refah gate to Egypt arrived in Turkey on November 15.

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Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca announced! 26 patients from Gaza were brought to Turkey

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61 more cancer patients were brought

In this context, the second evacuation operation was also carried out.

The plane took off from El-Arish Airport with 61 patients and their 49 companions who could not continue their cancer treatment in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacks, and landed at Ankara Etimesgut Military Airport.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca welcomed the patients one by one at the door of the plane.

Koca, who takes care of each patient carefully, made statements after the patients departed for hospitals in ambulances.

Don’t Let It Go Unnoticed

President Erdoğan visits cancer patients brought from Gaza

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A total of 88 patients were brought to Turkey

Stating that they brought a total of 88 patients to Turkey through evacuation operations, Koca said:

Under the leadership of our President, we will continue our health diplomacy activities and stand by the oppressed and those in need, regardless of their language or religion.

The number of patients brought is 61 patients and 49 companions. We brought a total of 150 people. In terms of the number of patients, we brought 88 patients. We agreed that we would like to treat babies, children and injured people as I expressed to the Egyptian and Israeli Ministers of Health in the coming period. These evacuations will continue in the coming days.

Regarding field hospitals, when we met with the Egyptian Minister of Health yesterday and the Israeli Minister of Health at noon today, we said that we requested a safe zone and that we wanted to create field hospitals in severe climatic conditions in the early period, and we agreed on this issue.

We work on plastic surgery. The coordination team works together to determine which physician groups and which branches are needed in Egypt. In particular, the general condition of 8 patients is a little more serious. We will be following other patients.

Our effort is to ensure that babies, children and injured people are concentrated in the future, and we agreed with the relevant ministers. What I mean by babies is specifically about bringing newborn babies to Turkey.

News Source: Ihlas News Agency (IHA)

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