We will not leave Konyaspor to trustees!

We will not leave Konyaspor to trustees!
We will not leave Konyaspor to trustees!

Businessman Ekrem Coşkun, known for his love for green and white colors, gave the message that ‘we will not leave Konyaspor unattended’. There are hectic times ahead of the extraordinary General Assembly to be held in Konyaspor today. As there was no clear candidate until the congress day, famous businessman from Konya, Ekrem Coşkun, made a statement and cheered the hearts of the green-white fans who were anxiously waiting. Ekrem Coşkun stated in his statement on his social media account that they will not leave Konyaspor unattended. Coşkun made the following statements in his statement.

“VERY PRECIOUS CEAR LOVERS; Unfortunately, our club’s financial situation seems to be beyond the power of business people. If we don’t get it together today, it will be much harder for all of us tomorrow. If there is no candidate in the first meeting, we stand behind our promise. Nobody should worry. As I promised, we will never leave the club to trustees. We will prepare a list including coat of arms lovers. I hope that in this process, the groundwork will be prepared for a strong formation. We must mobilize our means today so that we don’t have to say “oh no” tomorrow. Even if no one comes out, we are here as much as we can. We devoted our lives to Konyaspor. We put it at the center of our lives. Neither I nor those who truly love Konyaspor will say anything to me. I hope he will be elected president in the first assembly. Otherwise, our word is our word.”

Who is Ekrem Coşkun?
Ekrem Coşkun was born in 1966 in the town of İnsuyu, Cihanbeyli district of Konya. Ekrem Coşkun worked in the insurance industry for many years. Ekrem Coşkun, who established one of the most popular brands in Turkey in a short time by establishing a doner chain outside the insurance sector, also served as a manager at Konyaspor club at various periods during this period. *SPORTS SERVICE

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