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Equipment support was provided to 307 farmers in Mersin

Equipment support was provided to 307 farmers in Mersin
Equipment support was provided to 307 farmers in Mersin

Within the scope of the Rural Disadvantaged Areas Development Project (KDAKP) in Mersin, materials and equipment were distributed to 307 farmers with grant support.

Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan wished the project to be beneficial to the farmers at the distribution ceremony held at the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

Explaining that development in every field has accelerated thanks to the efforts made, Pehlivan said:

“Mersin has the fertile lands of Çukurova, a geography where all imaginable products are grown and cultivated. Approximately 22 percent of our city’s surface area consists of agriculture and 5 percent consists of pasture areas. We live in a province where production is at a high level in terms of abundance and income. We have 62 thousand hectares of pasture land. Small cattle breeding is carried out in these pasture areas. It ranks first in Turkey in the list of small ruminants with the number of goats approaching 900 thousand. Including sheep, this figure is approaching 2 million. The labor and effort put in by our farmers who benefit from these incentives is a great value. “We deliver equipment that will make the lives of our rural farmers easier. These will bring benefits to our farmers.”

AK Party Mersin Deputy Ali Kıratlı also stated that they gave grants and incentives to farmers on many issues.

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Erdem Karadağ also noted that the project covers 288 neighborhoods above 600 altitude.

Following the speeches, within the scope of the project, portable solar energy systems were delivered to 195 farmers with an 80 percent grant, home-type fruit and vegetable dryers were delivered to 31 people with a 100 percent grant, grape squeezing machines were delivered to 44 people, and dough kneading machines were delivered to 37 people.

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