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You can reach Istanbul from Zonguldak in 1 hour.


Interesting aircraft are exhibited at the Dubai Airshow held in the United Arab Emirates.
Midnight, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed by the US-based aviation company Archer, managed to become the most interesting transportation vehicle of the fair. The aircraft called Midnight was developed as a fully electric vehicle. The aircraft, which has the capacity to fly up to 160 kilometers, was designed with urban journeys up to 80 kilometers in mind.
Midnight’s speed capacity is 241 kilometers. This aims to reduce journeys that take hours to minutes. With the vehicle that can travel 40 kilometers in 10 minutes, it can be reached from Zonguldak to Istanbul in 1 hour.
Istanbul, which can be reached in over 4 hours by covering a distance of 323 kilometers by road, can be reached in 1 hour by Midnight. Moreover, since this vehicle can take off and land vertically, there will be no need for an airport. The aircraft carries 4 passengers except the pilot. Midnight, which also offers the opportunity to carry luggage, travels 32 kilometers with 12 minutes of charging.
The aircraft, which operates 100 times quieter than a helicopter, is expected to offer an alternative to road transportation with a competitive pricing policy.

“We are saddened to watch the state of the projects carried out without taking precautions”

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