He killed the mother and daughter and threw them into the elevator! A love affair emerged behind the horrific murder in Manisa


Manisaof Salihli Their neighbor Atalay Yüksel, who was the murderer of Devrim Güler (48) and his daughter Doğa Etyemez (18), who were found dead in the elevator of the building where they lived in the district, was arrested and sent to prison. Atalay Yüksel, who brutally murdered his mother and daughter, admitted in his statement that he wanted to have a romantic relationship with Devrim Güler, but Güler’s daughter Doğa Etyemez did not allow this, so he first killed Doğa and then her mother Devrim Güler, who came home.

Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Salihli, Ankara, Manisa, Page 3, News

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