Fight with Stones, Sticks and Guns in Sivas: A Car Became Unusable


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21.11.2023 00:44

A car became unusable as a result of a fight with stones, sticks and guns between two groups in Sivas. Allegedly, two groups with previous hostility met on the street. During the fight, the car’s tires were exploded, its windows were broken and a gun was fired into the air. Following the incident in which there were no injuries, police teams started work to catch the suspects.

A fight broke out between two groups with stones, sticks and guns in SİVAS. After the fight in which no injuries were reported, a damaged car became unusable.

The incident took place around 22:00 on Mehmet Paşa Mahallesi Sarajevo Street. Allegedly, two groups, with whom there was alleged hostility before, met on the street. The verbal argument turned into a fight. One of the groups involved in the fight, in which stones, knives, guns and sticks were used, attacked the car with plate number 34 ELF 961 belonging to the other group. The suspects burst the car’s tires with a knife and broke the car’s windows with stones. The group that damaged the car then fired a gun into the air and fled the scene.

Upon notice, police teams were dispatched to the scene. The car, which became unusable during the fight in which there were no injuries, was removed from its location with the help of a tow truck. Police started an operation to catch the suspects involved in the fight.

Source: DHA

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