The driver had a heart attack while driving in Malatya, the first officer took action


The driver of an intercity passenger bus had a heart attack while behind the wheel. While the first officer’s attention to the situation prevented a disaster, those moments were captured on camera moment by moment.


There were moments of panic on the passenger bus traveling in Malatya.

Süleyman Ekici (66), the driver of a bus with 25 passengers belonging to a company operating the Malatya-İzmir route, had a heart attack while driving.

A heart table was made for the driver

With the intervention of first officer Ufuk Yel, who noticed the situation, the vehicle was taken to the roadside and heart massage was given to the driver.

Despite the interventions, he could not be saved

While the passengers took a deep breath when the vehicle was stopped by the first officer, the driver of the vehicle, who was taken to Akçadağ Martyr Gökhan State Hospital, could not be saved despite all the interventions.

Describing the frightening moments, Ufuk Yel said that he managed to stop the vehicle with a difficult intervention after he realized that the vehicle had left the road.

News Source: Ihlas News Agency (IHA)

The article is in Turkish


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