13-year-old boy died of cancer


13-year-old boy died of cancer

21 November 2023, Tuesday 00:39

In the center of Kütahya, 13-year-old Aybars Taha Girgin lost his life after losing his life in the hospital where he was treated for cancer.

Aybars Taha Girgin, an 8th grade student at Mehmetçik Secondary School in Kütahya’s Gediz district, who was hospitalized after falling ill suddenly about a year ago, was found to have a brain tumor during the examination.

The condition of the little boy, whose treatment continued in hospitals in Istanbul and Kütahya, got worse after the cancer spread to other organs.

General surgery specialist Dr. working in a private hospital in Kütahya. Aybars Taha, the son of Ibrahim and nurse Nagehan Girgin, could not be saved despite all the intervention of the doctors.

The funeral prayer of the child was performed at Şelale Mosque in the center of Kütahya, and his body was sent off to be buried in his mother’s hometown, Yozgat. (MEHMET YAYLIOĞLU)

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