Rahime Aydenk from TRNC got rid of her thyroid mass with a successful operation in Trabzon


72-year-old Rahime Aydenk, living in TRNC, got rid of the 30-centimeter thyroid mass in her throat with the successful operation performed in Trabzon.

Aydenk, who moved to the island of Cyprus from Trabzon’s Araklı district in 1976 with his family, had complaints related to hyperthyroidism (a disease caused by excessive hormone secretion from the thyroid gland), also known as “toxic goiter” in the society, for 30 years.

The woman, who did not go to health institutions because she was afraid, decided to get treatment in Trabzon after having difficulty breathing and losing weight.

Aydenk, who came to Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Farabi Hospital, Dr. Lecturer He was operated on by member Muhammed Selim Bodur.

In a successful operation that lasted approximately 4 hours, a 30-centimeter thyroid mass on the patient’s neck was removed and sent to pathology.

The patient, who stayed in the hospital for 3 days, was discharged with relief from his complaints.

Rahime Aydenk, who came to the hospital for a post-operative check-up, told the AA reporter that she had been living in TRNC for 47 years and came to Trabzon for treatment.

Stating that the operation was successful and that he was very satisfied with the doctors, Aydenk said, “The mass affected me very much. My body became heavy, I started to hunch over, my throat swelled, my head went numb, I started to lose weight, I had a hard time. The moment he forced me, I had to come to the doctor. I had it for 30 years, but I was afraid of surgery.” “I didn’t. Thank God I survived and I’m very well now.” he said.

“Very rarely do we see such large crowds.”

General surgery specialist Bodur stated that the patient had a large mass in his neck and said, “He came to us with a large mass in the thyroid, which covers his neck, extends under the board of faith and up to his ears. We rarely see such a large mass. Of course, because it is this large and extends to the chest.” “When we looked at it with tomography scans, we saw that it had seriously narrowed the trachea.” said.

Stating that the woman’s thyroid hormones were disrupted, Bodur continued as follows:

“Our patient was first referred to the endocrinology department. After approximately 2 months of treatment, he became suitable for surgery. Afterwards, we consulted thoracic surgeons as there was a situation that might require the cutting of the faith board. We organized so that they could undergo surgery if necessary. We also prepared our blood and took our patient into surgery. There was no need for the faith board to be opened. “The entire thyroid was removed from the normal incision site. We did not experience any problems such as bleeding or hoarseness. We were discharged on the 3rd day without any problems. We also have no problems with the wound areas. We are currently waiting for the thyroid hormone levels to improve and the pathology result.”

Bodur pointed out that thyroid surgeries are often performed with suspicion of cancer and said:

“Except for about 5 percent of their cancers, their course progresses well. With treatments, the patient can continue his life normally, but these should not be taken lightly. Because surgery becomes more difficult with each passing day, and sometimes, in rare cases, cancer types that progress better can turn into types of cancer that progress worse. They continue to grow.” If it continues and makes breathing difficult, it makes the surgery more difficult with each passing day. Therefore, if controls are made, biopsy is performed when a biopsy is required, and surgery is performed when surgery is required, and patients are treated with a high success rate.”???????

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