Shooting Due to Hostility in Tokat: 1 Dead, 1 Injured


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21.11.2023 00:15

In Üzümören Town of Tokat’s Pazar district, a person named FG shot people named Şaban Yazır and EY, with whom he had animosity, with a hunting rifle, causing the death of 1 person and the injury of 1 person. FG, who escaped after the incident, is still wanted.

In Üzümören Town of Pazar district of Tokat, a person named FG (23) shot his enemies with a hunting rifle; 1 person died, 1 person was injured.

According to the information obtained; The incident took place in Üzümören Town, Pazar district of Tokat. There was animosity between the two families from the past due to a pasture dispute. The person named FG (23) shot his enemies named Şaban Yazır (35) and EY (38) with a hunting rifle in Üzümören Town. Şaban Yazır (35) and EY, among his enemies whom he shot in different places in the town, were injured. Upon notice from citizens at the scene, medical teams were dispatched to the town. Şaban Yazır and EY, who were injured in the incident, were referred to Pazar State Hospital. Despite all the interventions made in the hospital, Şaban Yazır lost his life. The person named EY was referred to Tokat State Hospital. After the incident, the person named FG, who injured his enemies, escaped. The teams continue to search for the person named FG. – SLAP

Source: UAV

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