Heavy rain is effective in Mardin – Mardin News

Heavy rain is effective in Mardin – Mardin News
Heavy rain is effective in Mardin – Mardin News

The downpour that has been effective in Mardin for 2 days has negatively affected life.

Due to the rain, floods occurred in rural neighborhoods in the city, and some trees fell down due to the storm.

Teams affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality would carry out evacuation work in flooded homes and workplaces.

A child got stuck in the mud on the road due to the downpour in Meydan Başı District of the Central Artuklu district.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of the surrounding people.

The teams rescued the child stuck in the swamp and handed him over to his family.

On the other hand, the municipality and Mardin Water and Sewerage Administration (MARSU) General Directorate teams continue their work throughout the province with their personnel and work machines.

In the statement made by Mardin Governorship, it was stated that the ongoing rainfall in the province is expected to continue until noon tomorrow with strong winds and storms.

It was noted that citizens should be careful and cautious against negativities such as sudden floods, floods, lightning, falling trees and poles, roof flying and transportation disruptions.

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