Antalya Province, Alanya District, Türktaş District Urban Protected Area Conservation Plan Preparation Work will be tendered through open tender procedure in accordance with Article 19 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734, and bids will only be received electronically via EKAP. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below:

b) address : Kılınçarslan Mahallesi Tabakhane Sokak No:7 07100 Kaleiçi MURATPAŞA/ANTALYA
c) Phone and fax number : 2422430842 – 2422480249
c) Website where the tender document can be viewed and downloaded using e-signature :

2-Procurement of services subject to tender

a) First Name : Development Plan Preparation Work for the Protection of Urban Protected Area in Antalya Province, Alanya District, Türktaş District
b) Quality, type and quantity : In Antalya Province, Alanya District, Türktaş District Urban Protected Area, 1/5000 scaled Master Development Plan for Conservation Purposes and 1/1000 scaled Implementation Development Plan for Conservation Purposes were prepared, and 1/5000 and 1/1000 scaled base maps were prepared throughout the planning area and the basis of the zoning plan was made. Preparation of geological-geotechnical survey reports
Detailed information can be found in the administrative specifications in the tender document in EKAP.
c) Place to be made/delivered : Antalya Province, Alanya District
c) Duration/delivery date : 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) days from the start date of work
D) Date of start : Work will start within 10 days from the date the contract is signed.


a) Tender (last bidding) date and time : 14.12.2023 – 11:00
b) Meeting place of the tender commission (address where e-bids will be opened) : Antalya Directorate of Surveying and Monuments

4. Conditions for participation in the tender, required documents and criteria to be applied in qualification evaluation:
In order to participate in the tender, bidders must declare the following documents and qualification criteria and information regarding non-price elements within the scope of their e-bids. Registration, permit, license, etc., which are required to be obtained in order to carry out the work subject to tender and which are specifically regulated for that work in the relevant legislation. documents,
Since the work subject to tender is “Conservation Development Plan Construction”; In accordance with the 18th article of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for the Preparation, Presentation, Implementation, Inspection and Authors of Conservation Development Plans and Environmental Planning Projects, the following qualifications will be sought in the conservation purpose development plan author:
Graduating from the urban planning or city and regional planning departments of faculties that provide a minimum four-year undergraduate education or higher education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities, with the title of urban planner or city and regional planner or city planner,
To have an office registration certificate obtained from TMMOB Chamber of City Planners.
In accordance with the TMMOB Law No. 6235 and the Law on Engineering and Architecture No. 4958 and other relevant legislation, the professional chamber related to architecture or urban planning services, which shows that the candidates and bidders continue their professional activities and are authorized to submit bids, within the first announcement date or tender or deadline date. It is mandatory to submit the registration certificate obtained annually.
Article 21/4 of the Spatial Plans Construction Regulation states: “It is mandatory for development plans to be prepared by qualified authors by carrying out the necessary technical research in accordance with the provisions of the law and regulations.” In accordance with the ruling;
In the Legal Entities (Companies) participating in the tender, the “Urban Planner” or “City and Regional Planner” or “Urban Planner” must have a minimum of 51% of the company shares; Persons who hold at least 51% of the shares of the company and Real Person bidders who participate in the tender, “Regulation on the Qualification of Authors to Be Entrusted with Plan Preparation” published in the Official Gazette dated 07.01.2006 and numbered 26046. Accordingly, it is mandatory to be at least in the “A” group and to certify that it is in this group (to submit the Zoning Plan preparation qualification certificate (report report).
In case of bidding for the tender as a business partnership; All partners participating in the Joint Venture must meet this condition separately.

Candidates must submit a conservation master zoning plan or a conservation implementation zoning plan for at least one job related to cultural assets they have carried out before public institutions, and a decision by the Repealed Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Regional Board or the Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board declaring that the plan is appropriate.

4.1.2. Information showing that you are authorized to bid; In legal entities; Information regarding the partners and partnership rates (excluding shares offered to the public)/members/founders, depending on the bidders’ management officials and their relationship, is obtained from EKAP by the administration.

4.1.3. Offer letter, the form and content of which are determined in the Administrative Specifications.

4.1.4. Bid guarantee information, the form and content of which is determined in the Administrative Specification.

4.1.5. Bidders will indicate in the qualification information table the part of the procurement subject to the tender that they intend to outsource to subcontractors.

4.1.6. If the document submitted by the legal entity to show work experience belongs to the partner who owns more than half of the shares of the legal entity, it is issued by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey or a sworn financial advisor, independent accountant, financial advisor or notary after the first announcement date and expires retroactively from the date of issue. Information regarding the document showing that this condition has been maintained uninterruptedly for one year,

4.2. Documents regarding economic and financial sufficiency and the criteria these documents must meet:

By the administration for the economic and financial qualification criteria not specified.
4.3. Documents related to professional and technical qualifications and the criteria that these documents must meet:
4.3.1. Information regarding documents showing work experience:
Documents showing work experience related to the work subject to the tender or similar works, not less than 40% of the price offered within the scope of a contract containing a fee in the last fifteen years in construction-related service works.
4.4. Works that will be considered as similar works in this tender:
Done to a public institution; Master Zoning Plan for Conservation Purposes/Implementation Zoning Plan for Conservation Purposes/Revision Master or Implementation Zoning Plan for Conservation Purposes made for the entire site related to immovable cultural assets; Environmental Plan/Master Zoning Plan/Implementation Zoning Plan/Revision Master or Implementation Zoning Plan; Environmental Plan, Master Development Plan, Implementation Development Plan, Base Map and Geological-Geotechnical Survey completed within the scope of a single contract; Master Zoning Plan, Implementation Zoning, completed within the scope of a single contract
Plan, Base Map and Geological-Geotechnical Survey are works that can be considered as similar works. Regarding these works; Along with the Work Experience Certificates in accordance with the standard forms approved by the relevant administrations, the decisions of the administration(s) authorized to approve the plan regarding the completed works (Parliament decision, Council decision, Provincial Administrative Board Decision, Provincial General Assembly decision, etc.) and the conservation plan work. It is mandatory to submit the plan together with the board decision declaring that the plan is approved by the Regional Conservation Board.
NOTE: If the work experience documents submitted for similar jobs include jobs other than similar jobs; In order to determine the amount of similar work, a document showing the monetary amount of the similar work item will be obtained from the administration where the work experience certificate was obtained and attached to the work experience certificate.

5. The most economically advantageous offer will be determined solely on the basis of price.

6. Only local bidders can participate in the tender.

7. The tender document can be viewed free of charge via EKAP. However, those who will bid for the tender are required to download the tender document via EKAP using e-signature.

8. After the bids are prepared electronically via EKAP, they will be signed with an e-signature and sent via EKAP together with the e-key related to the bid until the tender date and time.

9. Bidders will submit their bids based on the lump sum price. As a result of the tender, a lump sum contract will be signed with the bidder based on the total price.

10. In this tender, shall be submitted for the whole work.

11th. Bidders’ bid price than 3% They will provide a provisional guarantee in an amount not less than the amount they will determine.

12. There will be no electronic auction in this tender.

13. The validity period of the offers given is as of the tender date. 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) calendar day.

14. No bids can be made as a consortium.

15. Other matters:
Limit Value Coefficient (R) to be Applied in the Tender: Engineering Services/0.74
Extremely low bid evaluation method: Bids of bidders submitting bids below the limit value will be rejected without asking for explanation.

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