4 suspects arrested in PKK/KCK operation in Mersin


MyrtlePKK/KCK operation in: 4 arrests

MERSIN – Myrtle4 suspects, who were detained in the operation against the armed terrorist organization PKK/KCK, were arrested by the court.

Myrtle According to the statement made by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, the teams identified 4 suspects, including a person with connections to the armed terrorist organization, who was making propaganda for a terrorist organization in Yenişehir, Akdeniz and Gülnar districts, in their efforts to decipher and prevent the activities of the PKK/KCK armed terrorist organization. The teams organized a simultaneous operation to capture the members of the terrorist organization identified under the coordination of Mersin Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and detained 4 people. A large number of materials and documents seized during the search at the suspects’ addresses were seized for examination.

The 4 suspects, who were referred to the courthouse after their procedures at the gendarmerie, were arrested by the court.

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