2.422, 3.622, 3.874, 4.359 TL Gift in November!

2.422, 3.622, 3.874, 4.359 TL Gift in November!
2.422, 3.622, 3.874, 4.359 TL Gift in November!

Details of Education Aids

According to the information provided by Minister Göktaş, payments in November 2023 vary depending on the institution where the children receive education. The amounts of these support payments are listed as follows:

  • Preschool: 2,422 TL
  • Primary school-secondary school: 3,622 TL
  • High school: 3,874 TL
  • University: 4,359 TL

It was reported that these payments were determined according to the educational level of the families’ children.

Application and Evaluation Process

Minister Göktaş emphasized that there is a specific application process for families to benefit from these supports. Stating that the families will be evaluated based on their economic situation and the education level of their children, Göktaş stated that after this evaluation, the amount of support will be determined and payments will be made to the families.

Social Benefits and Goals

The Ministry emphasized that social assistance is an important step in terms of social development and increasing the level of education and said, “As a government, one of our main goals is to reach every segment of society, support equal opportunities in education and help families in need.”

Steps to be Taken in the Future

Minister Göktaş stated that support payments will continue and said, “As the government, we will continue to support our children to grow up healthy and receive education. “We will continue our support to families with Social and Economic Support programs and will continue to increase such assistance to cover all segments of society,” he said.

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