Snow increased its effect, roads were closed in 4 provinces

Snow increased its effect, roads were closed in 4 provinces
Snow increased its effect, roads were closed in 4 provinces

General Directorate of Highways, Erzurum-Çat and Bingöl-Karlıova, 50-81. He reported that the road between kilometers was closed due to heavy snow and blizzard.

Snowfall and blizzard affecting Ardahan caused the Ardahan-Ardanuç highway to be closed to transportation.

The snow, which had an impact throughout the region, turned into a blizzard at the Bülbülan Pass of the highway in question.


Transportation on the road was disrupted due to the blizzard reducing visibility. Having difficulty in working, the teams closed the road to all vehicle passages.

Teams are waiting for the blizzard to subside so they can work on the road in question.

Transportation to some areas is not possible due to snowfall and blizzard, which is also effective on the Kars-Kağızman-Ağrı highway.

The teams of the 18th Regional Directorate of Highways are working to open the closed roads in Cumaçay Hill location and other regions to transportation.


The heavy rain in Ağrı was replaced by snowfall after a while. Some drivers who set out on the road with summer tires had difficulty moving forward in the city where the surroundings were covered in white.


There are disruptions in transportation due to snow and blizzards in the Kop Mountain Pass at an altitude of 2,409 meters on the Bayburt-Erzurum highway.

Snowfall, which started yesterday evening in the region, continues its effect intermittently. Drivers had difficulty moving forward on the route where visibility decreased due to intense blizzard, and some heavy tonnage vehicles were stranded on the road.

Due to the blizzard and rainfall in the region, heavy tonnage vehicles and those without winter tires are not allowed to pass by Bayburt Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate teams. The teams warn the drivers of other vehicles using the crossing to be careful.

Highways teams continue their cleaning and salting work on the main route to keep the road open to traffic. (AA)

Release date: 20:04, 20 November 2023

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