Snow captivity in Kars; Many vehicles were stranded on the road due to ice

Snow captivity in Kars; Many vehicles were stranded on the road due to ice
Snow captivity in Kars; Many vehicles were stranded on the road due to ice

The snowfall, which continued throughout the day in KARS, brought life in the city to a halt. Many trucks remained on the road. 1 person died and 3 people were injured in accidents caused by icing, and police teams did not allow heavy tonnage vehicles to travel without chains. While there is an energy shortage in some villages as a result of the electric pole falling over in Digor district, the teams continue their snow shoveling work uninterruptedly.


Drivers had a hard time in traffic when the snowfall and blizzard that started in the morning in Kars turned into icy conditions in the evening. A truck with plate number 25 ABG 902, driven by Veysel Taş, and a commercial taxi with plate number 76 T 0032, driven by Mehmet Salman, collided at the Paslı pass, located at the 45th kilometer of the Kars-Kağızman highway, at an altitude of 2 thousand 200 meters. Upon notice, 112 emergency health and gendarmerie teams were dispatched to the region. In the area where traffic was reduced to one lane, the injured taxi driver and the passengers in the vehicle, Medet Kızılay, Mecit Kızılay and Makude Kızılay, were taken to Kağızman State Hospital by ambulance. Despite all the interventions made here, Medet Kızılay (58) lost his life. While Kızılay’s body was taken to the morgue for autopsy, an investigation was launched into the accident.


After the snowfall and blizzard that affected the city, transportation was provided on a single lane due to some trucks being stuck on the road near Incilipınar village at an altitude of 2 thousand 128 meters in Susuz district on the Kars-Ardahan highway. Truck drivers, who were stranded for hours due to heavy icing, continued on their way as a result of the sandblasting and salting work carried out by the teams of the 18th Regional Directorate of Highways. Some truck drivers tried to prevent slippery by throwing the soil in the middle median onto the road with their hands. Truck driver Abdulbaki Kılıç, who was stranded on the road, said, “I am taking the generators I loaded from Istanbul to Azerbaijan. It snowed and we were caught unprepared. We have been stuck here for two hours. We are waiting for the highways, it would be better if they take us out, even if they don’t, we are here, there is nothing to do.”


Due to the effective blizzard and strong winds, the electric pole fell down near the village of Alem in Digor district of Kars. ARAS EDAŞ teams, who went to the region upon notice, could not drive on the snow-covered road and had to walk 3 kilometers. Teams arriving in the area on foot repaired the electric pole approximately 1 hour later. ARAS EDAŞ teams that went to repair the malfunction in the Karaurgan group villages of Sarıkamış district were also stranded on the road. Upon notice, Sarıkamış District Special Administration teams went to help with a scoop and rescued ARAS EDAŞ teams.


While drivers have difficulty driving on snow-covered roads, the 18th Regional Directorate of Highways and Special Administration teams continue their snow shoveling work. The police are increasing their inspections on the Kars-Iğdır and Kars-Ardahan highways, where the wind increases their effect, and do not allow heavy tonnage vehicles without winter tires and chains to drive.

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