Barmanbay: ‘For me, my only rival is Iba’


Barmanbay announced his candidacy for mayor at the press conference held at the AK Party Edirne Provincial Directorate and submitted his official documents.

AK Party Provincial Deputy Chairman Rasim Özgün, AK Party Central District Chairman Engin Makak, AK Party Provincial Election Affairs Chairman and party members attended the meeting.

In his speech, AK Party Provincial Deputy Chairman Rasim Özgün said that the race for service continues in the AK Party.

Stating that the important thing in the candidacy process is unity and solidarity, Özgün stated that Edirne should meet the AK Party Municipality.

AK Party Central District Chairman Engin Makak also wished Barmanbay to be successful in his candidacy.

Barmanbay stated that they had made a statement before, but this time he officially announced his candidacy.

Stating that they have come a long way in a short time, Barmanbay said, “We have a love for my beloved President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whom I call the mayor of my childhood and the leader of the century today. I live in this city, I breathe in this city. I pray that the Almighty God grants us the ability to bring this city to its final conclusion. I received a lot of support from those around me. Everyone, whether they voted for the AK Party or not, supported my candidacy. Of course, I set out on this path with some of the love and enthusiasm I received from them. In the meantime, we consulted with the public, people and tradesmen on Saraçlar Street, where I manage. Yes, I think I will bring together the city’s deficiencies, the work done, the things that could not be done, in line with hierarchical relations. I trust my bilateral human relations. The existing mayor tried to do something in his own way. If God allows, I want to bring this city together with beauties that no one can imagine. I want to bring the power of the government, especially the legendary leader Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who lives for me, and the investment power of the government to Edirne. “We will experience exemplary Ramadans that Turkey will and will continue to envy,” he said.

Barmanbay said that he did not want to share his projects and do not want to give ideas to other candidates.

Emphasizing that he is his only rival, Barmanbay congratulated AK Party Provincial Chairman Belgin İba for her work.

Barmanbay pointed out that he does not see anyone as a rival if Iba is not a candidate.

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