Flood in Batman: 1 woman died, 3 children are missing

Flood in Batman: 1 woman died, 3 children are missing
Flood in Batman: 1 woman died, 3 children are missing

Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya announced that due to the adverse weather conditions throughout the country, 1 person in Diyarbakır’s Hani district and 1 person in Batman lost their lives by being swept away by flood waters, and 50 people were injured.


Lalihan Güner (54), on the 3062nd street of Seyitler District, where floods occurred due to the effective rainfall in Batman, was caught in the water and dragged in front of her house. It was determined that Güner, who was taken out of the water, lost his life. Güner’s lifeless body was put in the hospital morgue for autopsy. Search and rescue efforts continue for 3 children who were swept away by flood waters.


In the statement made by the Governorship, “Search and rescue efforts for children aged one, 3 and 5 continue. “While the mother, father and 2 children from the family of 7 were rescued injured, 3 small children were trapped under the mud that rose 1.5 meters.” The expression was used. On the other hand, Aysun Güner and Ceylan Güner, who were caught in flood waters and were rescued by citizens, were taken to Batman Training and Research Hospital.


Stating that Anne Güner’s 3 children who were caught in the water were also searched, Governor Canalp said, “Unfortunately, one of our citizens was hospitalized injured. Despite all the interventions, he died. We have now received 240 reports in the basements of many of our households. As a warning of flooding in basements. Our municipality and AFAD teams are draining the water at the scene. At this point where we are, 3 of our children are missing. “Our search for them continues,” he said. (DHA-AA)

Release date: 08:59, 20 November 2023

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