Why did BP leave Turkey? – Murat Muratoglu

Why did BP leave Turkey? – Murat Muratoglu
Why did BP leave Turkey? – Murat Muratoglu

The talks that started after the general elections have concluded… Full for 111 years BP, a British Petroleum company operating in Turkey, More than 700 fuel stations and license rights transferred and exited the Turkish market.

Thus Petrol Ofisiannounced that it took over BP’s fuel distribution business in Turkey. The Competition Authority’s approval will not be until after the new year and BP stations will become history in Turkey.


Whose company is Petrol Ofisi? based in the Netherlands a multinational energy and commodity trading business Vitol…

in 2022 505 billion dollars Vitol is the world’s largest independent energy trader with its revenue… It is not traded on the stock exchange, that is, it is not publicly traded… Naturally, the partnership structure for a company of this size is quite mysterious… Even in their definitions “company of problematic geographies” It is mentioned as .


In his statements, he said, “We are extremely happy to take this step that will further strengthen Petrol Ofisi Group, the national pride of the Turkish energy sector. We have full confidence in the future of Turkey with its young and dynamic population and growth potential.” It’s nice to hear them say…

Same way years of BP The lack of confidence in the future of Turkey, with its young and dynamic population and growth potential, is also quite thought-provoking…


The most important reason for BP to withdraw from the market by transferring its existing assets high operational costs It is said to be. Well, aren’t these costs valid for Vitol?

It was caused by the accident that occurred on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform operated by BP in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. 20 billion dollar loss There are also those who suggest it.

of a company for 13 years Believing that you can continue on your way without erasing the effects of the damage seems a bit like trying to make excuses…


If we go back a little French Total They withdrew from the sector by transferring all their operations and assets in Turkey, including their naming rights, to the Demirören group. Only the mineral oil side remained dependent on France.

Demirören also founded the company after a while. OYAK He sold it to his group.


Do you think that Mehmet Şimşek, while pursuing foreign investors, said that he would provide all kinds of support? since 1912 To explain why BP, that is, British Petroleum in Turkey, sold over 700 stations across the country and left. “profit margin disclosures” Isn’t it too simple?

For example, why BP? From the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago does not come out? Approximately 1.5 million Are the profit margins very good in the country with the highest population?


What do foreigners look for to make permanent investments and bring their money? Is there transparency? Law does it work? Are inspections carried out fully? independent institutions does it work? In short, is he at peace?

As a nation, we are not at peace, how will they be? Is it the first time after all these years that profit margins have decreased in Turkey? Pass these… We need to sit down and examine what really lies beneath the story…

Release date: 05:00, 17 November 2023

The article is in Turkish

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