He was defrauded while trying to buy a vehicle in Erzurum


Serdar Taçyıldız, who lives in Erzurum, applied to the prosecutor’s office with the allegation that he was defrauded of 770 thousand liras by a person who introduced himself as a “petty officer” and the owner of the vehicle as his “uncle” while trying to buy the vehicle he found on the internet.

While Taçyıldız, who lives in Hınıs district, wanted to buy the vehicle he liked online in Aydın’s Köşk district, he became the victim of a person who introduced himself as a petty officer on duty in Hatay.

The fraudster, who introduced the owner of the vehicle as his “uncle” and made Taçyıldız trust him, continued his lie with fake receipts and vehicle photographs and disappeared after 770 thousand liras were transferred to his account.

The investigation into the fraud incident, for which the victim Taçyıldız filed a criminal complaint, continues.

Serdar Taçyıldız, who complained about the suspect A.D., told the AA reporter that he found a vehicle on the internet on July 17 and met with the person who posted the vehicle.

Stating that the fraudster introduced himself as a petty officer on duty in Hatay and told that the vehicle was in Aydın, Taçyıldız said, “Since my uncle was close to Aydın, I asked ‘can you look at the vehicle?’ When my uncle contacted him by phone, he talked to the person he referred to as ‘uncle’.” We went to an expert, and we saw that there was no problem with the vehicle and that there was no debt. My uncle says, ‘Let’s go to the notary, let’s sell the vehicle.’ “His uncle is with me at the moment. Serdar said, ‘You can send the money.’ So I sent 770 thousand liras.” he said.

“People should not make mistakes like us”

Explaining that he sent the money to the person who introduced himself as a “petty officer”, Taçyıldız continued as follows:

“The interesting thing is that this person is not a petty officer, he is a fraudster himself. The day before, he was bargaining with the owner of the vehicle, putting down a deposit of 500 liras. He bought the vehicle worth 1 million liras from its real owner and sold it to us for 770 thousand liras. The person who introduced himself as a petty officer took the photos of the vehicle and its license. The person who sent it to us. When they talk to the person he introduced to us as his uncle, he says, ‘Tomorrow, my nephews will come and buy the vehicle. I told them that you are my uncle, the vehicle is my uncle’s and it is registered to the company, for your information. Never say that I know you or that you don’t know me.’ “Since we are dealing with him, the person tells us that he is his uncle. We have been victimized because of this. I want everyone to be informed so that people do not make the same mistake as we did.”

Gained trust with fake bank statements

Stating that they later learned that the owner of the vehicle was not the uncle of the fraudster, Taçyıldız stated that the fraudster told the vehicle owner that he sent money by sending two fake receipts.

Taçyıldız explained that during the signature phase at the notary, the vehicle owner stated that no money had arrived in his account even though the receipt was sent, and said:

“Normally, the person who introduces himself as a petty officer has to send 1 million to the vehicle owner. Meanwhile, the vehicle owner sees that there is no activity in his account, but the receipts arrive. The vehicle owner says that there is a mistake in this matter. The vehicle owner says, ‘Brother, you did not send money.’ I send the receipt to my uncle. “He shows it to the man. The owner of the vehicle says that he has not received any money. As soon as he said that he did not receive any money, we realized that we were defrauded.”

Taçyıldız emphasized that many people have been victimized by such fraud incidents and said, “We are waiting for the help of the great Turkish justice because I am in a very difficult situation. There is a lot of sweat in this money. The amount is large. I seek refuge in justice and I am sure that justice will be served as soon as possible.” he said.

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