Edirne Municipality will take part in the Istanbul Balkan Tourism Exchange Fair


Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan said, “There will be participants from 19 different countries. Istanbul At the Balkan Tourism Exchange Fair Edirne Municipality As, we exist too. Participants will be provided with new job opportunities, exchange of information with national and international tourism experts; We will promote Edirne in the best possible way at this fair, which will offer opportunities to promote new destinations, products and services and develop cooperation. We were saying that we would receive 10 million tourists to our city in the long term. We passed 5 million. “As Edirne, we will reach 10 million tourists and visitors, hand in hand with TÜRSAB,” he said. Gürkan will also participate as a speaker in the “Cultural Relations Panel among Balkan Nations”, where many participants from 19 countries will attend.

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