A car collided with a motorcycle and flew into the cemetery: 3 dead

A car collided with a motorcycle and flew into the cemetery: 3 dead
A car collided with a motorcycle and flew into the cemetery: 3 dead

The car went out of control in Denizli’s Tavas district and crashed into a motorcycle and then flew into the cemetery. The number of deaths in the accident increased to 3. According to initial findings, it was understood that 2 drivers died at the scene. It was learned that Hatice Şandede, who was hospitalized injured, could not be saved despite all efforts. The number of people who lost their lives in the tragic accident increased to three.

The accident occurred in Karahisar District of Tavas district. According to the information obtained; He lost control of the car driven by Mehmet Şandede, who was traveling from Izmir to his hometown Denizli, when he arrived at Karahisar District.

The vehicle, which lost control, crashed into the motorcycle driven by Adem Gökin, who was driving in the opposite lane. Due to the impact of the collision, Adem Gökin was thrown onto the road with his motorcycle, while the car flew into the cemetery on the side of the road.

Upon the notice of other drivers, health, fire brigade and traffic teams were dispatched to the scene. In its examination, the medical team determined that two drivers had died.

Tavas Fire Department team, affiliated with Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, quickly went to the scene of the accident and removed the driver and the injured Hatice Şandede, who was stuck in the car, from where they were.

Şandede was handed over to the medical teams and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Hatice Şandede, who was hospitalized with serious injuries, died in the hospital where she was taken.

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