Kestel News – Kestel Balkan Fair has ended

Kestel News – Kestel Balkan Fair has ended
Kestel News – Kestel Balkan Fair has ended

Mine AK/KESTEL (Bursa), (DHA)-The Balkan Fair, which was held for the 9th time this year in BURSA with the cooperation of Kestel Municipality and Balkan Immigrants Culture and Solidarity Association, ended with an enthusiastic finale. The crowd filling the fairground was entertained by the songs of Bulgaria’s popular artist Esil Duran.
Kestel Municipality’s 9th Traditional Balkan Fair, held at Kestel Yeni Mahalle District Stadium, was completed with an enthusiastic finale. Approximately 50 thousand people visited the fair, which included local flavor tents, shopping boutiques, an amusement park and children’s play groups, for 3 days. On the last day of the fair, Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır, AK Party Bursa Deputies Refik Özen, Ayhan Salman, Kestel District Governor Recep Öztürk, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ali Mersin, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, Bulgarian Kirkovo Deputy Mayor Dimitrov Valentina, Koşukavak Deputy Mayor Abidin Hacımehmet. , AK Party Kestel District Chairman Nesri Demir and BAL-GÖÇ Chairman Emin Balkan also attended.
Making the closing speech of the fair, Kestel Mayor Önder Tanır said, “Welcome to the Balkan Fair, which we organized for the ninth time this year as Kestel Municipality. In the face of this beautiful painting, which is the most beautiful reflection of our unity and solidarity, I can only say mashallah. With your contributions, our fair has come to this day and become a tradition. Balkan Fair means friendship, love, and the common meeting point of different cultures. We, in Kestel, set an example of living together and creating a common culture from a colorful spectrum. This is our greatest happiness. Our only aim and wish is to create this cultural mosaic in Kestel. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests who did not leave us alone, our protocol, our local associations and the thousands of fellow citizens who filled the area. “Thank you, long live,” he said. (DHA)


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