A first in sequential demolition in Malatya… 9 15-storey buildings collapsed in seconds

A first in sequential demolition in Malatya… 9 15-storey buildings collapsed in seconds
A first in sequential demolition in Malatya… 9 15-storey buildings collapsed in seconds

In Malatya, one of the provinces affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that occurred on February 6, the demolition of heavily damaged buildings is accelerated, while high-rise buildings are being demolished using explosives. Today, 9 blocks of the 11-block Yeşilevler Site, located in the Hoca Ahmet Yesevi District of Yeşilyurt district, were detonated simultaneously using explosives. Hundreds of citizens watched this moment in Malatya, where so many buildings were exploded at the same time for the first time in the world.

Police teams took extensive security measures in the area before the explosion of 9 blocks of 15 floors. All houses and workplaces around the site were evacuated for security reasons, and the roads were closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Before the explosion, it was announced through the loudspeakers of the surrounding mosques that there would be an explosion, and people were asked not to approach the sites.

Citizens and site residents, as well as the city protocol, watched the explosion live from the platform allocated to them.


It was stated that a total of 1 ton, 660 kilos of dynamite, in 30 thousand pieces, was used on the load-bearing columns for the demolition of the buildings. Thus, it was stated that the world’s largest explosion took place. The dust cloud that covered the surroundings after the explosion resembled fog. The sound of the explosion was heard from many points of the city. Speaking before the demolition of the remaining 11 blocks of the Yeşilevler Site, 2 blocks of which were demolished last week for trial purposes, Demolition Company Official Hamit Avcı said that the explosion of 9 blocks built with the 15-storey tunnel formwork system at once was a first in the world, with his teams consisting of a total of 110 people. He said that they took all security measures.

Following all the precautions taken, 9 blocks consisting of 700 flats were detonated with a countdown. After the buildings exploded with a loud noise, a cloud of dust covered the sky. While dust clouds covered the surroundings for a long time after the explosion, which was visible from many points of the city, it was stated that the demolition of all 9 blocks was completed without any problems.

It was learned that approximately 1,400 buildings with 7 floors and above across the city were heavily damaged and the demolition will continue using the blasting method.

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