CHP Mardin Provincial Chairman made a statement about Nusaybin Border Gate

CHP Mardin Provincial Chairman made a statement about Nusaybin Border Gate
CHP Mardin Provincial Chairman made a statement about Nusaybin Border Gate

CHP Mardin Provincial Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hasan Eken, in his statement after his visit to Nusaybin district; He wanted the border gate in the district, which has been closed for years, to be opened.

CHP Nusaybin District Chairman Şeyhmus Doğan and his organization and CHP Mardin Provincial Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hasan Eken came together in front of the party building.

Here, Mardin Provincial Chairman Eken made a statement;

“The Nusaybin border gate has been closed since 2011, that is, for 12 years. In 2011, the tender was put out and the foundations were laid with the build-operate-transfer method and the cooperation of TOBB. The new border gate, which is expected to pass two and a half million people and five hundred thousand vehicles annually when its foundations are laid, has not been opened for years, although it has been completed. With the gate closed, border trade ended in Nusaybin and all the tradesmen who made their living from border trade had to close their businesses. In other words, Nusaybin’s jugular vein was cut.

Not only Nusaybin, but also other districts of our Mardin province and surrounding provinces have been victimized due to the closed gate. The first dimension of victimization is commercial. The commercial loss caused by the door being closed is around 1 billion dollars. The second dimension of victimization, and perhaps more importantly, is human victimization. Nusaybin and Kamışlı are two halves of an apple and the people living in both cities are relatives. Because the gates are closed, the residents of these two closely related cities cannot visit each other even on religious holidays.

Mutual trade and visits are only possible by passing through the Habur Gate to the Iraqi Regional Kurdish Administration and from there to Qamishli, Amedi, Haseki and other cities. The third dimension of the grievance is the cost to the state and TOBB of the gate, which was built with the Build – Operate – Transfer method and cannot be operated due to the guarantees given. Rotting of the door is another cost and economic loss.

On behalf of our Mardin province and Nusaybin district, we request the government to immediately open the Nusaybin border gate in order to eliminate these commercial, human and financial grievances. The government must immediately resolve this grievance. ” he concluded his press release.

Later, Prof. completed his Nusaybin tour by greeting the tradesmen on the street and in the passages area. Dr. Mehmet Hasan Eken left the district.

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