Fernando Morientes came to Turkey for the treatment of herniated disc

Fernando Morientes came to Turkey for the treatment of herniated disc
Fernando Morientes came to Turkey for the treatment of herniated disc

In a private clinic in Fulya, Op. Dr. The Spanish star, who was examined by Fatih Kırar, underwent regression and robotic laser treatment.

Fernando Morientes, who made a statement to the press after the application, drew attention to the fact that many football players have problems with the spine.

Stating that he suffered a lot in the back and spine region throughout his career, Morientes said, “I had the chance to meet the doctor by coming here. Many football players undergo heart or physique-related checkups. But they do not have back and spine checks. I must say that if the players aim for a long career, this “We should not leave the problem behind. Thank you very much to the doctor.” he said.

Stating that they watched a good match in the Champions League final played in Istanbul, Morientes said that Enes Ünal, who recently played for Getafe in LaLiga, had a successful season and that he will have a much better career in the future.

– Kırar: “When it comes to athlete health, we should think of the spine”

Performing the treatment of Fernando Morientes, Op. Dr. Fatih Kırar stated that as Turkish physicians, they host patients from all over the world every day.

Kırar said that they came together to solve the spinal problems of Morientes and used the following statements:

“Due to having low back pain for a long time, he researched the treatments in the world and our treatment method caught his attention. They contacted him through his consultants. When he first came, ‘Did he come to Fenerbahçe?’ There are rumors that the Turkish health sector is in the Champions League. We will continue all kinds of support and treatment related to his health. When it comes to athlete health, the spine should come to mind. I usually express this to athletes. Spine evaluation should be done, especially during the checkups of athletes. Spinal balance is a condition that affects the performance of the athlete. Especially before the season, the clubs should have the athletes’ health checks related to the heart and joints, as well as the spine.

After the statements, Fatih Kırar presented Fernando Morientes with a Galatasaray jersey and a bracelet.

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