Injured Owl Found by Veterinarian Clings to Life

Injured Owl Found by Veterinarian Clings to Life
Injured Owl Found by Veterinarian Clings to Life

In Denizli, the eared forest owl, found injured by the veterinarian on his way to work, clings to life.

In Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animal Shelter and Rehabilitation Center, which extends its hand to the wild nature as well as the care and treatment of sick, injured, accident and ill-treated stray animals, an event called “such luck” took place. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center Veterinarian Sinan Kılınç saw an injured bird on the road in front of Gümüşler Cemetery in Kayalar Neighborhood while driving to work last Wednesday. Veterinarian Kılınç, who determined that the unfortunate animal he thought was injured as a result of a vehicle collision was an eared forest owl, took the injured puppy to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center, where he went to work.

have had internal bleeding

Veterinarian Kılınç immediately started the treatment of the eared forest owl, whom he determined to have internal bleeding. The lucky-eared forest owl cub recovered after about two days of treatment. It was stated that after the baby owl has grown enough, it will be released back to its natural habitat.

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