Trial of 2 defendants related to fatal knife fight in Bolu continues

Trial of 2 defendants related to fatal knife fight in Bolu continues
Trial of 2 defendants related to fatal knife fight in Bolu continues

The trial of the defendant, who was prosecuted on the grounds that he killed one of the two brothers he had argued with and injured the other, and the person who allegedly helped him, continued.

Sefa C. (28), who was on trial for “deliberate murder” and “attempted murder”, attended the hearing at the Bolu 1st High Criminal Court via Audio and Visual Information System (SEGBİS) from the prison where he was held.

Muhammed A., who was injured with a knife in the incident, and his relatives and party lawyers were present in the hall.

On the other hand, Tolga B. (28) who was prosecuted on the charge of “favoring the criminal” and was brought by force at the previous hearing, did not attend the hearing.

In his statement, MA, who was injured in the fight in which his brother lost his life, said, “I survived the incident with injuries. Thanks to the glasses case, I survived. My coat, glasses case and the hard plastic of the glasses protected me. I wouldn’t have been alive if I hadn’t had glasses in my inner pocket above my heart. We are the plaintiff until the end, whatever is necessary. let it be done.” she spoke.

Detained defendant Sefa C. repeated his previous statement.

The hearing was adjourned in order to bring Tolga B, who was on the run from the crime of “favoring the criminal”, by force to the hearing and to complete the deficiencies.


On February 24, 2022, in Tabaklar District, Reşat Aker Sokak, after the argument between Beyazıt Bestami A. and his brother Muhammed A. and Sefa C. turned into a fight, Sefa C. fled by injuring his brothers in various parts with a knife next to him.

One of the brothers, Beyazıt Bestami A., who was taken to the Bolu İzzet Baysal State Hospital Köroğlu Unit by the medical teams who came to the scene after the notice, could not be saved despite the intervention.

Sefa C, Tolga B, UG (18) and İ.B., who were taken into custody regarding the incident. (21) was referred to the courthouse, and Sefa C. was arrested.

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